My little boy turning 5 already?

It is my sweet Owen's 5th birthday tomorrow! I can't believe he is already 5. I realize these are pretty crappy pictures but this is Owen when he was almost one. Honestly he had the biggest eyes I had ever seen and he was so chubby that he couldn't even crawl until he was 10 months old. He was so darn cute.

And he is still a cutie with the biggest eyes I have ever seen!
Happy birthday honey. I love you.


ChristiS said…
Awww, happy birthday Owen! You are just a few days older than my Adam, who will turn 5 on Tuesday!
Katherine said…
Happy Birthday Owen, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving together!!
Tracey said…
Oh man, he's a doll! Mine are 12, 9, 6, 3, and 1.

Happy Birthday, Owen! Wow, the big 5! Halfway to double digits!

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Oh Happy, Happy Birthday Owen!! It is so cool to be 5!

Mom - he is a pretty handsome boy..hope the day goes well!
Oh happy birthday sweet BIG guy!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday celebrations to the kindergarten boy and your whole family - have a thankful and beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Love from G. on the coast
jenny said…
well happy brith day to your little man and may he have minny more.
Oh, wishing Owen a very happy birthday! :)
Jenni Jiggety said…
I hope he had a WONDERFUL day!
Hi Tara,

Happy Birthday to your son! He's really great. Wish all the best.

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