I'm bored mommy

Well folks, it's official. I feel completely emotionally overwhelmed. I'm not depressed (surprisingly) but there is just so many thoughts racing around my head that I can't process anything fully.

Poor Owen is completely at a loss as to how to entertain himself on the days when Aiden is at school and he is home. I can't even convince him to play with me or grandma... he just wanders around the house asking when Aiden gets home. I feel bad for him but I really hope he gets over it soon!

No real improvement in Aiden's world yet. Not that I really expected the medication to work in 2 days. Hopefully it starts to kick in soon though. I think he is coming down with bronchitis again too... he just can't catch a break it seems.

The trees in our yard are gorgeous all decked out in their autumn colours. I love the yellows but we don't see very many other colours here- which is why I especially love this Mountain Ash tree in our front yard that is just brilliant in shades of red and orange. So lovely.
Fall doesn't last nearly long enough for my liking around here though.


Anonymous said…
My 4 year old is so bored too. Not that we don't have things to do... just that they don't hold a candle to his big brother who is in school all day, lol. Gorgeous pictures of the fall leaves! Blessings, Whitney
Amanda Daybyday said…
Agreed. I miss Vancouver falls. The leaves are at least half gone around here already.
Aww...poor Owen. Ella is going through the same thing right now when Brie is at Pre-K. Just the other day she said "Mom, I don't like Brie when she's at pre-K". It was meant to be sweet. Poor younger siblings.
Gosh I wish we lived closer Tara...we sure seem to have a lot in common! ;)

Hang in there. I sure hope he is feeling better by now. Sure looked like it in the photos at the park!

Enjoy your beautiful Fall weather...what gorgeous colors!!

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