Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

So I totally forgot to bring Owen to school today... in my defense his schedule is just plain stupid. He goes to school every other day on a six day rotation. See? Stupid. So I have my calendar all circled on the days he goes to school but managed to screw today up anyway. Sigh.

But you know what? That is not the really bad part.

The really bad part is NO ONE CARED that he wasn't at school!!!! We did NOT get a call from the office, no message on our answering machine asking where he was... NOTHING. The school has 3 phone numbers for us PLUS an emergency contact phone number. Nothing. The teacher told me she called and got the answering machine and just assumed he was sick. I'm sure she did call but she didn't leave a message.

I am not impressed. My son could have been ANYWHERE and they didn't care. He could have been wandering around town. Someone could have stolen him off the play ground. Anything could have happened and no one cared.

Granted in this case he wasn't there because I am a complete moron who is rather overwhelmed right now and can't even remember what day to bring my son to school. And yes, he was home safe and sound with me. But THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!

I freaked out at the principal and at another unsuspecting lady. They have apologized and assured us it wouldn't happen again.

I should think not.

I'm assuming that because we live in a small town people aren't too worried about things but bad things can happen here too. Last year Aiden ran away from school at lunch time and no one even noticed he was gone until we brought him back! It is my worst nightmare that I will think my kid is safe at school and the school will think he is with me and in reality he has run away and we won't know where he is!

I want to know that if my kid isn't in class when he should be that SOMEONE is going to call me and make sure he is ok. He is in kindergarten for pete's sake!

So ya... I had to apologize to Owen for being a moron because he was so excited to bring his invitations for his birthday party to school tomorrow... and of course he doesn't HAVE school tomorrow (sigh) so he has to wait until Wednesday. My only hope is that the parents will forgive me for giving them less than a week's notice for the party. I really hope his friends can come.


What a dumb day.


Anonymous said…
What a jangle when a supporting connection you expect is not there.

I wonder if PAC can clarify what the reasonable backup plans are.

I know that teachers like to know when a child will be away and I know that a child's illness can be so acute that a phone call is not possible, even if it is the plan.

How are we going to get more for the children? - maybe more TLC for all the adults in children's lives and updates on priorities, so the unimportant stuff can be dropped.

Love, G. on the coast
I would freak out too!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh, I hate it when I miss important things like that.

Sure doesn't make one comfortable to let their kid walk to school on their own, hey?

The going notice for birthday parties up here seems to be 3-4 days. Will's been invited to 2 bday parties since school started. Both days, he got the invite on Wed or Thurs for the weekend. He went to both. I'm sure they'll be able to come.
Heather said…
Yikes! I can't believe that they didn't miss him!!!
Felicia said…
That is pretty scary that they didn't call! I'm a school counselor and we are in charge of filing charges on parents if their children are extremely absent! That just amazes me!
don't beat yourself up-- who could keep up with a schedule like that? Maybe someone with one child, but wow.
Carol said…
My kids' teachers have always assumed they were ill if they didn't show up for school. I have a 10th grader so we're dealing with some years worth of school junque. I never thought about the possibility that I would take them to school, turn them over to a teacher, and they'd disappear.

After your previous scare, I certainly understand how that would concern you, though.
that's an interesting schedule. is this public school?

maybe there are too many kids to keep track of... not you, Tara, the school.

I do goofy things like that too.
sarah said…
You're living with incredible stress. Please try to take care of yourself. I wish I could treat you to a mom-only vacation.
Haasiegirl said…
thats very frustrating. I am glad he was home and safe, but you had every right to be concerned that they didnt leave a message.


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