Difficult but likeable

My goodness people, the strangest thing is happening to me right now... I am sitting down, the house is quiet because the boys are at school, Olivia is napping, Doug is at work and my mom is downstairs on her computer, and to top it all off the house is CLEAN!!!

I told you it was strange!

Granted I have to pick the boys up from school in 20 minutes so it won't last long... but still! 20 minutes of peace in a clean home is better than nothing! And I am recording this unusual event here so I can look back and have proof that my house WAS clean and quiet at times!

In other news Miss. Olivia is all about doing puzzles these days. It is so cute to watch her working it out. And yes, as a matter of fact, I DO think I have the smartest kid in the world. So there. :)

We met with Speech/Language Pathologist today. We were not surprised to find out that Aiden fell "solidly within the average range" in his use and understanding of language. But I have to admit that part of the assessment made me laugh out loud...

"Throughout the session Aiden was unable to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. He would fidget in his chair or stand up beside the table. He had a fidget ball that he constantly played with as well as a vest he was wearing. He required a couple of "body breaks" to help with his fidgets. At times, he would use a sing song voice or use an inappropriate tone of voice to answer questions. Once he bacame too silly, the examiner asked him to settle down and act appropriately. He became upset and refused to participate. With persistence he once again became engaged in the assessment. Aiden did appear slightly less restless when there were visual stimuli available. Aiden required a lot of praise to complete the tasks."

Some of you may be wondering why on earth that would make me laugh... well... it is just SO my son! I can totally picture the whole thing! The speech lady told us that normally it takes her about an hour to do assessments and with Aiden it took the entire afternoon.

Of COURSE it took the entire afternoon! This is AIDEN we are talking about!

Sometimes you just HAVE to laugh at these things or life becomes all together too overwhelming :)

She also told us that Aiden is "an enjoyable little fellow" and that she had fun assessing him. Well, that is definitely my kid- difficult but likeable!


It's amazing how much Olivia reminds me of Becca -she loves to do puzzles right now too. :)
Amanda Daybyday said…
It just goes to show how hard you've been working with Aiden! I'm sure you guys have to put in that extra amount of effort with him all the time. I'm glad you had your 20 minutes or 'normality'. One day that will be the norm again. And Olivia? Just adorable and so grown up.
FIFTY FIVE followers Tara, and all those giveaways how do you do it?! I can barely keep up with getting my kids off to school on time.

Enjoy your peace!!
Natalie said…
hey you, guess what... you won the silhouette giveaway over at my blog!!! email me when you get a few minutes and we will get started on your custom creation!
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