a word from Tara... not

Okay, this is Tara's hubby.  By typing this post I now realize that I have reached more people in one go then at any time on my own blog.  I find that amusing.

Anyway, the reason for my hijacking my wife's wonderful blog is because she feels like, uh... not good.  She has indicated to me matter of factly a few times this evening that she is going to die.

I say comforting things such as, "oh, that's too bad", or "try not to okay?", or "can I get you something before you pass on?"

But in all truth, she is feeling sick.  I made her take flu meds and making her go to bed with no access to her beloved computer.

Til health returns... Doug.


Kristen M. said…
You do not have permission to die. But we will understand if you take a break from blogging in order to get better.
Vicki said…
Let her know that we hope she feels better soon! Keep us updated :)
Juliana RW said…

I have something for you in here.
Anonymous said…
Get well soon!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Awww Tara...feel better soon. And no dying.
Jamey said…
Praying You feel better!No fun to be sick. Also,I am tagging new friends I would like to know better so come check it out, when you get better!
Uh oh ... the dreaded flu. Take good care of her, Mr. Tara!

Tell her we'll be here when she gets back, dropping our cards along the way.
Maggie said…
Get well soon, Tara.
Oh I hope she's feeling better soon!
Natalie said…
Praying she is feeling better soon!
Hope you're feeling better! :)
Ginny said…
OH no, hope you feel better!
Robyn said…
Sheesh Doug. You are SO sympathetic!! "Try not to"?? Good grief. I hope she kicked you out of your room ;) Feel better Tara (and I hope I don't get your sick!!).
Oh, this is terrible! Tara, I only go away for a couple of days and you go down?
I hope you're better soon!
NO way! No access to her computer!? I feel for ya sister! Sending up prayers Tara, feel better soon!

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