Thank-you Mrs. Armstrong

My friend from In the Gutter is hosting a giveaway this month and in order to enter I need to write a thank-you letter to someone who has touched my life.

I have chosen to write to Mrs. Armstrong. She was the teacher's assistant in both of my son's pre-kindergarten classes. Aiden's class first and then Owen's class the following year.

Dear Mrs. Armstrong

I have many reasons to say "thank-you" to you but the biggest reason is that you truly loved my children. No matter how difficult they were you were always waiting in the morning to smile at them and give them a hug.

Aiden hasn't been in your class for well over a year and he still tells me he wishes you were his "teacher". Owen has tried to convince me to allow him to go back to pre-k. You made them feel completely safe and loved.

And you made me feel 100% confident that I could leave my two precious babies with you and they would be well cared for. I never worried about them when they were with you!

I believe that you were a gift from God to our family. You took something I was so afraid of- Aiden starting school- and made it a wonderful experience for all of us. Even when the teacher changed between Aiden and Owen's years I still felt confident that Owen would be just fine- Mrs. Armstrong would be there.

And now that both of my boys have moved on from your classroom I miss you! I will never forget you because you made my sons' very first year of school extraordinary.

When we drive past your house on our way home I always remember when we stopped at your house to trick or treat last Halloween. Owen was so excited to show you his costume. When he saw it was you who opened the door he walked right in and started taking off his shoes to stay and play awhile! My children love you.

You may never know what a gift you have been in my life but I pray that God will so richly bless you for showing such wonderful love to my children and to all the children who pass through your classroom. You have a gift. Thank-you for using it!

I see how hard it is for you to say good bye each year to children you have come to care for so deeply, and yet you continue to love each new class just as much as the one before. And even though you are "just" the teacher's assistant I know that my children never saw you as anything other than one of their teacher's. And I KNOW you contributed just as much to their education as the head teacher's (both of them wonderful ladies as well) did. Never underestimate your contribution to these little lives.

We need more of you in this world.
Thank-you for being who you are and loving my sons for who they are!


Aiden and Owen's mom.
You can click on each of the above pictures to read the stories behind them if you are so inclined.


Robyn said…
Aww! That is just so perfect for her!! You should print that off & give it to her, she'd love it!! This is my 4th year "with" Joanne, & I just don't know what I'm going to do next year!!!
Kat Olivares said…
Aww... I like Mrs. Armstrong already.
You made me all teary eyed. It's a rare gift to find a teacher this special. My oldest had 3-4 in his whole school life-- they were the ones he flourished under. The rest of the teachers he had always had me wondering why they ever got into teaching in the first place. Teachers are overworked, under paid and often not recognized for their service-- THIS post is exactly what I had in mind for thanking throughout Sept (mine's a teacher's post as well, it will go up tuesday).
Thanks for participating Tara!
Heather said…
I wish Mrs. Armstrong was MY teacher, now :)
What a beautiful tribute to a great teacher!
I have an award for you over at my blog...stop by and check it out!
Nissa said…
That was such a lovely letter, Tara. I really like the idea. This post made me think about the teachers who really impacted my life... Really sweet!
Roxy Wishum said…
What a well written tribute! You obviously put a lot of work into creating this special "thank you" and I applaud you.

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