My kids are freaking hilarious!!!

Actual conversation around the supper table last night:

Me: Are you excited to go to school tomorrow Aiden?

Aiden: No. The school is hiding men.

Me: WHAT??? ( confused)

Aiden: The school is hiding men! (spoken like he believes they are trying to trick him)

Me: What kind of men?

Aiden: The men are hiding in the costumes. They are lying. They are bad!

Me: WHAT??? Where are they hiding??? (starting to feel slightly alarmed)

Aiden: I don't KNOW where they are but I am GOING to find out!! When I see one with his mouth open I am going to grab his face and look inside and SEE the human! They are tricky.

Owen: the Cat is in a costume and the Dog is in a costume and the Bee is in a costume. BUT I looked at the Bee's wrist and I SAW skin and I KNEW it was a HUMAN!!!

Me: oh (dissolving into laughter) you mean the MASCOTS at the parade!??

Owen: the CAT is a HUMAN! the DOG is a HUMAN! and the BEE is a HUMAN! I KNEW it had a zipper on the back! (spoken emphatically with conviction as though solving a great mystery)

Me: bwahahahahahahahahahahaha oh you guys they are just playing pretend! They aren't lying they are just PRETENDING to be a cat and a dog and a bee! Like Halloween costumes! bwahahahahahahaha (tears running down face from laughing so hard)

Aiden: (looking at me wondering why I am laughing) We KNEW it was a human so we have to get rid of those guys! (very serious)

Me: bwahahahahahahahahaha

boys: leaving table looking at me with disgust for clearly NOT understanding the gravity of the situation

Me, Doug, Grandma: howling with laughter

Grandma: wasn't the parade over a week ago?

Me: yep (still laughing)

Grandma: wow... they've really been thinking this over! We should have explained mascots to them.

Me: (holding sides from laughing) I'll get right on that.


Chrissy said…
That is too funny!! Poor kids. They must have been so concerned. What a good laugh though. :-)
That is absolutely hilarious! I never would have thought to explain mascots! lol
Amanda said…
so funny I laughed and then extra smiles when I saw the super cute smiley pic of Olivia at the top of your last pictures. God gives us moments like those to laugh off the hardships of yesterday.
Spice said…
That is too funny. Your boys are too cute!!! I love it!
kelle said…
thanks for the laugh today! I needed that...your boys are too funny!!
Tena said…
this is classic! I love how kids minds think, it is just the best dose of medicine, they laughter they bring us with their stories!!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
That's hilarious.
Very very funny!!
Hey, you've won something! Go check it out!
JenniBeanV said…
LOL! You should stay away from Disney!
Zen Ventures said…
That's just freakin funny! sometimes I wonder what goes on in my 4 year old daughter's head! :) Kids you just gotta love them. They've got their own world. Better enjoy it now before they grow older and give you bigger headaches! LOL!

Rene' Morris said…
hee hee hee hee hee... I read this in my Google Reader and meant to get over here and comment. So I'm glad I landed on it again while Entrecarding. That is too cute! Shame on you for not taking this matter more seriously. ;-)
The Healthy Mom said…
That is hilarious! Kids can say the funniest things sometimes. I'm going to have to write more about my kids in my blog. I loved your post!
Minxy Mimi said…
Oh dear!
Kids are just so funny and yet so serious!
PamperingBeki said…

You really should looking into WHY your school is hiding men. That sounds serious.

Heather said…
Hilarious!!! And how observant of your boys to notice the "men" hiding. I would never have thought to explain it!

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