Big Bad Scary Owen

So last night was a CRAZY night in our fine household.

The boys were asleep in their room.

Doug was asleep in our room.

And I, of course, was asleep in Olivia's room because the child refuses to sleep longer than an hour at a time if I am not in her grasp.

I am sleeping somewhat peacefully when around 4 am I am awoken by my husband yelling. Or screaming. Or sounding like he just got the stuffing scared out of him. This was followed quickly by the sound of my son Owen screaming.

I leap out of bed, waking Olivia up in the process, and race out into the hall where I find my husband standing looking dazed and my son standing completely naked and shivering.

I pause for a second wondering what on earth is going on and searching for whatever frightening thing has managed to cause my normally brave husband to scream in fear.

My son realizes I am there and rushes into my arms and says "Daddy yelled at me and scared me and I peed the bed and I didn't mean to and I'm sorry" sob sob sob.

Olivia starts to cry.

Doug looks at me blankly.

I wrap my shivering son in my robe and sit him down and instruct my husband to change my son's sheets. I ignore my daughter who has entered the hall to find out what all the commotion is. I put clean dry jammies on my son and lead him to his freshly made bed.

Aiden sits up and asks if it is time to get up.

I rapidly point out that it is 4 AM and they are NOT allowed to get up until at LEAST 6 AM.

All three children look at me like I am insane for suggesting they go back to sleep. Aiden notices that he is suddenly uncomfortable in his nighttime pull-up... he realizes that he has - for the first time in YEARS- managed to go poo in his sleep. He finds this funny. I do not.

Owen says "Daddy, promise to never do that I again. You scared me and I didn't like it."

Doug reassures Owen that he will never scream at him in the night again. I clean Aiden up and we settle the boys down and leave their room with Olivia in my arms. I head back to her bed to try and convince her it is NOT day time yet.

I pause and say to my now fully awake husband "what on earth happened?"

to which he replies

"I have NO idea. I woke up to myself screaming and I wondered why I was screaming at my son. So I stopped."

At this point we both burst out laughing. Olivia is looking at us like we have gone completely mad.

I say "Owen must have startled you out of sleep when he came to tell us he peed the bed" which only makes Doug laugh harder.

"oh ya, big bad Owen" he says "I can't believe I yelled at my poor son when he came to me for help with his peed bed and jammies!". Then he says "I scared the crap out of Aiden" and we both double over with laughter.

Still laughing we head back to bed. I spend the next 30 minutes giggling and trying to convince Olivia to go back to sleep.

I woke up this morning and promptly started laughing again.

Honestly I think that may have been our craziest night yet. But it has kept me laughing all day so I think it was worth it.


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Natalie said…
oh that is soooooo funny! i am laughing and trying not to wake up my sleeping husband!

oh and i hate having to convince my kids to go back to sleep after they have had a almost full night of sleep... ugh. i know that part wasn't fun!

oh...but i'm still laughing!
Heather said…
Totally never a dull moment in your house, is there? This made me laugh so hard that I nearly peed myself :)
gunzie said…
This made me laugh so hard!!!
Thanks for this!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Hee hee hee. I can just imagine it too.
Katherine said…
That made me laugh so hard I cried. I can imagine the whole thing happening which makes me laugh harder. Have a great day and thanks for sharing!
I'm still laughing!
Sarah Zeldman said…
As long as you guys can laugh about it, I'm not worried about you! Laughter can get you through just about anything!
Jamey said…
I am crying laughing! that is a hilarious story! thanks for sharing!
Jamey said…
I am crying laughing! that is a hilarious story! thanks for sharing!
Sonya said…
How funny! And your hubby making that comment about scaring the crap out of your son....priceless! LOL!

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