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Yesterday was the weirdest day.

It started off GREAT! We took Aiden to meet his new pediatrician and I can't tell you how impressed I was with this doctor! He was amazing. Really. My son does NOT do well with medical professionals. He tends to freak out on them. This doctor came out to the waiting room and got down on Aiden's level and totally connected with him. He got Aiden laughing and when he asked us to follow him to his office Aiden just got up and went with him. No problem. In the office the first thing he said to me was "this is a children's office and kid's can be kid's here". He told Aiden he could spin on his chair. He encouraged Aiden to explore the room and ask questions. I know he was observing Aiden through all of this but he was also making my son feel comfortable and CARED for! He asked me tons of questions and went over Aiden's file with me. He asked me what the school was doing to accomadate Aiden. He told me he would talk to the school personally to work on a plan for him.
Then he said "Is there anything else you would like to tell me that we haven't covered so far?"

I almost fell over.

Usually I feel like we are being hurried out of an appointment before I can even get through half of what I want to tell them!

And yes, my son was being his typical self during this whole time but everytime I started to try and stop Aiden from doing something the doctor would just say "no, it's ok, he can touch that/play with that/look at that/be noisy/ etc".

It was amazing.

This doctor has 3 sons of his own and the middle one has ADHD. This doctor was amazingly compassionate.

At the end of the appointment he told me that he would work together with us to help my son truly enjoy and succeed in his life.

I almost burst out in tears right there. I don't think I have EVER felt that HEARD by a medical professional when it comes to my son.

After the appointment we dropped Aiden off at school.

He seemed fine when I left.

After school his teacher told me that he had tried to run away. He bolted from the classroom, out the door (in sock feet), and onto the road out front. In front of a truck.

God was obviously watching out for my crazy kid because the truck driver was going slow enough to stop without hitting him. He almost gave his teacher a heart attack right there. She had been chasing him but honestly he is very fast and hard to catch up to.

She had to wrestle him back into the school.

When I asked him why he ran away he said " I couldn't fit a paper in my backpack and I got frustrated and wanted mom".

I have no idea how to convince him just how dangerous it is to run away!!!! He doesn't believe me because he has run away several times before successfully and arrived safely at home. Of course his teachers are having nervous breakdowns because of him but he doesn' t seem to care about that. It is a good thing that we live in a VERY small town and a block away from the school. But it is STILL incredibly dangerous.

Last night was the registration night for the kid's club at church. The boys really wanted to go and since Doug has to be there anyway I figured it would be ok.

Of course Aiden tried to run away from there too.

Doug caught him but it just indicates to me that school is probably enough for him right now.

I am very grateful for Aiden's teacher. She is a wonderful teacher and I know she will do her best with my son. And Aiden likes her. I just really wish I could get him to stop running away. It scares me so very much.

Owen had a wonderful first day of kindergarten. He LOVED it. He has been SO disappointed that he didn't get to go back yet. His next day is Monday. He keeps asking me why Aiden gets to go everyday but he has to stay home. He really misses his brother. Olivia misses him too I think. But I am so grateful that Owen loves school!


Oh Tara. I am so glad that the pediatrician is such an answer to prayer! And I'm so sorry that Aiden keeps trying to run away. I will be praying for some wisdom for you and his teacher.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Hooray for good doctors! I'm so glad to hear you've finally found one.
Meg said…
Thats awesome to hear you found a good doctor! I'm still debating if I like my sons doctor.
I am so happy that you have a great doctor-- I would've cried with you. Him running away-- terrifying. How do you manage to trip so many emotion switches for me in one post?
Robyn said…
I am SO thrilled for you guys, that this doctor is SO amazing. It is definitely something you have needed! Give me a shout if you ever need to vent, & let me know when we should do a child free (well, except for Miss Liv ;)) tea!!!
JenniBeanV said…
I am glad you've found such a caring doctor! He sounds wonderful! And thank goodness Aiden wasn't hurt when he ran away! It is so hard to get them to understand because to them, they just want Mom and sometimes you just can't blame them for that!
Connie said…
The doctor sounds wonderful! Hopefully with his help you can get down to what's causing your son to run away & handle that together with the school.

Please keep us updated.
Rachel said…
How scary (the running away); but I am SOOOOO glad that you found this pediatrician. He sounds like he knows exactly what you're going through AND what your son needs.

Praise God!
Sher :) said…
I'm sooo glad he wasn't hurt! Yikes
Your new pediatrician sounds amazing! I'm so glad you have found him.

Glad the angels were concerned!

Ps. 91:11
Amanda said…
Praise God for the new pediatrician!
ChristiS said…
I'm thrilled that your dr. appt. went so well, and am praying that you can convince Aiden not to try to run away again! How scary that has to be for all of you! I am very thankful that he has a great teacher!

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