Aiden Goes to the Dentist

Here is Aiden before- his adult tooth was growing in behind his baby teeth and the baby teeth just would not fall out.

And here is the poor kid after the dentist... with two painful holes in his mouth.
He was a trooper though and did very well. Now I get to play the tooth fairy for the first time ever!

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Kelly said…
aww, poor guy! that photo makes me want to hug him! i hope he's feeling better soon!
Oh...ouchy. That happened to me with one of my eye teeth. I had to get it pulled, because the grown up tooth was coming out on the far outside, and not pushing on the other one!
Jamey said…
oh that was no fun! poor guy.
Molly said…
How exciting! A visit from the tooth fairy. We just got back from a Dentist visit too. The kids love going to the Dentist.

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