Wordless Wednesday

I stole these pictures that I love from my husband... who takes TONS of amazing pictures.


Those are fantastic!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
LOVE the shoe-cup thing. Great shot. Brian thought it looked like an ad for something.
Wow--he is a great photographer! I wish I could get my digital pictures to look like these.
The Healthy Mom said…
Those are great pictures! Happy WW!

Cascia @ Healthy Moms
Alicia said…
Love the pictures!

Just wanted to let you know that you won a contest here

Please sign into our forum to claim your prize!

Sara said…
Wow awesome shots!
Earthmommy said…
Terrific pictures! I love the shoe one, so unique.
Nissa said…
Drinking out of a sneaker! Timeless! :) Your hubby IS a good photographer!

:) Happy WW, Tara!
Natalie said…
okay the drinking out of his sneaker is well...yuck! :-)

that is a great picture!
Kathy C. said…
Oh my! Gotta love boys, lol.
Sher :) said…
Very cute!!! Much better than my icky bug. *lol*
Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. I'm gonna take your pretty button. :)
kailani said…
Is he drinking out of his shoe? LOL!
TheAngelForever said…
Fabulous photos! Kuddos to your husband for capturing those moments.

Happy belated WW :)
He.is.drinking.from.a.shoe. That photo is award-winning!

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