Wordless Wednesday- Haircuts

Owen beforeOwen after

Aiden before

Aiden after
(Aiden didn't want a hair cut... can you tell?)


Angela said…
They look so grown up! Very handsome boys!
Clean-cut boys look best, even if they don't realize it at the time. Very handsome little guys!
Alida said…
very handsome!!
Hey they have ears now! lol

Very cute! =)
JenniBeanV said…
Very handsome boys you have there, mom!
Natalie said…
i cut my little james' hair yesterday and even took pictures...now to download them and share them. your boys' look great! great job!!!

do you use clippers or scissors???
Nessa said…
Such stylish young men!

Happy WW!
mrsbear said…
Don't they look handsome. Nice work.
ChristiS said…
awww, they look precious! Isaac would be reacting like Aiden if it were him, too!
Jennifer said…
Well I'm glad you made him. He looks soooo much better! Very George Clooney-ish. Of course, I'm sure he doesn't know who that is! Tell him he looks like Anakin Skywalker!
Still, it's so cute!

You could have done a "mullet for a moment" with all that shagginess : )

They are ready!
Sher :) said…
Yes, I can tell. :( hehe Tell him his looks very handsome! They're both beautiful kids. :)
The Healthy Mom said…
They look very nice after their hair cuts. Cute little men! Happy WW!

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