Daddy and the Kids

This week my boys built a spaceship in my backyard.

This is Aiden explaining how it works to me.

Such wonderful creativity.

Owen is the stealth bomber apparently.

Olivia really wanted to make this into a necklace but it didn't work.

Here is Aiden showing Olivia a caterpillar in the grass...

and telling her not to eat it ... she HAS put one in her mouth before but spit it right out ... icky!

Such intense concentration!

Yes, we love the computer. Mine is a desktop but Doug has a laptop from work.

Father and Son so much alike.

Daddy and Owen.


Rochelle said…
What a fun family! Great pictures.
What an adorable family! Thanks for sharing on WW.
You are definitely blessed with a beautiful family!
All great pics! Love the 2nd father & son shot!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team
Love your boys imagination, what a fun spaceship he built!

The father and son shots are great, what wonderful memories for you all! :)
Rebecca said…
I love those, especially the father and son ones. :)
dlyn said…
Awesome photos Tara - they really show the spirit of your lovely family!
Colleen said…
Those father/son shots are great! I also like the shot with the two little ones peering into the grass.
connie said…
What a wonderful creation & imagination! ♥ the father & son series! You have such a cute little family :)
Vicky said…
Nice shots. I love the father and son shots.
JenniBeanV said…
Wonderful pictures!!!!
Connie said…
I can look through your photos for hours on end! You take lovely ones that show such emotion and love. God bless you & your family.
What beautiful blonde children you have!
The Mom said…
Nice family series!!
Great pictures of your nice family! It is so nice your son explained how his spaceship worked and that he tells his sister NOT to eat the caterpillar! Love the dad and son photos too! Very cool!
tiff said…
Looks like the kids had a wonderful time. Your son and his Dad are very much alike!
So cute and happy! And creative!

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