Swimming Lessons

Today we finished up the boys' swimming lessons- they both did so well! Both passed to their next level and I am very proud of them.

This is Owen with his class...

I love this picture because it looks like he is going UP to the slide but really he just slid down on his front...

Here he is with his report card and a treat bag that his fabulous teacher gave him.
Here is Aiden with his class... yes, there really were just 2 of them! But I think it was for the best because the teacher was able to give lots of individual attention and my son thrives on that.
I don't think the sweet little girl in his class knew what to do with Aiden- she would often just stare in awe and amazement at him flailing about all over the pool!

"Hi Mom"

I really am so proud of Aiden- he didn't have even one single tantrum or freak out during ANY of his lessons! Sure he was hyper and all over the place but he didn't hit anyone, he didn't cry, he was AWESOME!!!
Olivia was rather distressed that she didn't get to go swimming too but I think she enjoyed playing with the other kids who were waiting.

This is Olivia saying "Cheese"
I think my kids are really going to miss going swimming every day! Next summer we'll have to try and save up for a family pass for the summer because it is just far too expensive for the five of us to go swimming all the time!


Rachel said…
Your kids are GORGEOUS!
Anonymous said…
look at your water babies!

that picture of owen going up the slide is great!

this post reminds me of when my family lived in rural manitoba and we often spent all day long at the pool, every day, all summer long!!!

it wasn't abnormal for me and my sisters to be the only one in our swim class because we buzzed through the levels very quickly, sometimes 3 in one summer.

it sucked to be upper level because those classes were held in the wee hours of the morning and the water was chilly, and it aways started with the endurance swim. but, the feeling of chlorine burned eyes at the end of the day and being absolutely starving was the best!

then during winter, we'd spend all our time at the rink!

three cheers for small town prairie life!

ChristiS said…
They are just so precious Tara! I'm so glad that you had a good day at swimming today. My prayers continue to come your way!!
Natalie said…
you got some really really great pictures of them in the pool!

i'm glad that swimming lessons went so great.
Jen said…
Your kids sure looked like they were having fun!! I'm planning on putting my 2 in swimming for the 1st time next year and I hope they enjoy it like yours did!
rkdsign88 said…
Wow...thanks for sharing your lovely day with the kids, they are all so cute...& looks so happy :)
Hi Tara,

thanks for join this MBC dropper. I added u to blogroll. Takes times until your blog name appear also in this blog roll.

See you around.
omeng said…
Great kids, thanks for sharing those nice photos!
Great pictures! I especially liked the "in the air" shots off the diving board and slide.

Mekhismom said…
This photos are great! So sharp. Looks like a lot of fun.
JenniBeanV said…
What gorgeous kids you've got! :-D

And I loooove all those mid-air shots you got! Awesome!
Anonymous said…
I can hear the whoops and yays in your pictures.

G. on the coast
Katherine said…
Those are great pictures, it looks like your kids are enjoying the summer!
Jenna said…
Those pictures are awesome!!! It looks like they had so much fun! We just started taking Kelsie to the pool and she LOVES it!
Katie said…
Thank you so much!

How fun! I remember my swimming lesson days. I have been in the water since I was a baby, and I just love it.
ChristiS said…
Back to tell you that since you've been on my heart, I've tagged you! Hope you don't mind. See details on my blog, please!
What great pictures-- and the one of you is lovely!
Congrats to the boys!!
Bebemiqui said…
This looks like an awesome pool. Thank God for pools!

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