Recital Mania

My sons attended a music and dance camp this week that is run by a great lady in our church. She very graciously gave my two sons scholarships to attend the preschool program. Yes, I know Aiden is not preschool but we decided he would enjoy it more if he could be with Owen. It was a wise decision.
This is my son Owen leaning on the prop and kicking the pretend wheel with his foot... instead of singing the song of course. My sons are the two boys in the front row kicking their legs up... and they were doing what they were supposed to! I think it was supposed to be some form of Russian dancing but my sons told me it was "walking like a duck" and "kicking a soccer ball real high"... so I can' t be sure!
They were SUPPOSED to be rocking their bears to sleep in this "musical theatre" number... but I am fairly certain Aiden's bear was getting some serious whiplash instead.

They are swinging a little ring on their wrists during this song and I thought that was incredibly clever of the teacher because it totally distracted them from all the people watching!
I was incredibly proud of my boys for participating in their two recitals.... especially since the first one (last night) was a full hour after their bedtime and they had already had a really long day! They even agreed to wear their "recital" clothes... not that ours were exactly "right"... it was supposed to be black pants but the closest we had were those soccer pants. Oh well.

Tonight we took the kids swimming as a reward for how well they did. My kids really love swimming and I must say it is probably my favourite family activity. Too bad we don't have a pool year round in our town (ours is an outside pool and closes the end of August). There is one in the next town over though (about 20 minutes away) so we'll have to make the effort to go there over the winter.

And no... I'm still not done filling out the dreaded forms. And yes, my house is a complete disaster area. But I DID manage to buy the boys their school supplies. Now all I have to do is write their names on EVERY single item (individual crayons even).

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for school to start? Aiden starts grade one in 11 days. Owen starts kindergarten in 17 days. And then I will have 2.. or 3 depending on the week... full days at home every week with just Olivia! Surely I will be able to get some organizing done around this place... right?


the Doug said…
Swimming was fun.
Robyn said…
Dude, did you know that the Super 8 they are building by Robin's, it will have a WATERPARK??!! Can you imagine?? Swimming year round in lil' ol' Tisdale?! That blew my mind!! :-)
Anonymous said…
Last year when my son went to kindergarten I had to write his name on every single crayon!! And there were two 24 count boxes of them. I was very glad when his new teacher said that she didn't require that of me.

The pictures are very cute. It looks like they had fun!
I've done that, letting #2 slip into programs that she's technically too young for. I haven't regretted it once.
ChristiS said…
Glad that the recitals went well, and that you all got to enjoy swimming together! And you know what? The house will still be there, still standing, wreck or not, years after they are long gone. I'm preaching to myself here too, hon!!
Amanda said…
Hey sounds like you are having some great family fun. Enjoy the kids and your husband, the housework and laundry can always wait... until there is no clean underwear that is! ha ha ha!
Resort said…
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