One More Sleep

His school bag is packed with all of his supplies labelled with his name. He has chosen his outfit and I have made sure it is clean. We have spent all summer talking about grade 1 and his new teacher and how it will be new and different but VERY cool.

We are prepared.

And oh how I hope and pray he LOVES it! I so want him to enjoy school. Or at least not hate it.

You know, as incredibly excited as I am for my kids to GO TO SCHOOL I still feel nervous for them.

But I simply MUST share with you all the MOST hilarious haiku I have EVER read-

This was written by the Amazing Racer from Crying Moms for a contest at Rocks in My Dryer
where entrants were supposed to write a haiku about how they feel about school starting.

"Spazzy 1st grader
Is it wrong to drop kick her
into her classroom?"

You can head over to Rocks in My Dryer to read more!

Seriously that cracked me up.


Hee hee, I read that one earlier today too! I got a good chuckle from it.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

And seriously, that haiku is hilarious! I just broke up yet another fight between the boys. One week!
Mommy Cracked said…
I hope he has an awesome, wonderful day!!
Natalie said…
okay. that haiku is way too funny! hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!
JenniBeanV said…
I do so love a good haiku...LOL!

I wish him a VERY happy first day of school tomorrow!
Mekhismom said…
That haiku is too funny. I hope that his day at school is wonderful.

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