Men Beware

My husband took this picture of Olivia and I today... I love it...We were playing outside. The boys were building a force field.
Lawn chairs were the tanks and they covered them with wet sand which was the force field.
They played for a long time out there. They also threw wet sand all over the side of the house. I am hoping for some rain to wash that off.


There is nothing more for you to see here.

The tanks and forcefields above are for you.

Women only are allowed past this point.

I will not be held responsible for your feelings if you are a Man who has crossed this line.


You won't like it.

You will regret seeing it.

Go away.


Go read my husband's blog or something.

But you can't be here.

Ok, all the men are gone now (RIGHT!!!)?

Guess what Olivia found in the laundry basket today...
Nice eh?


Natalie said…
that was just the laugh that i needed today!!!
kelle said…
tee hee!! she sort of knows how to wear it...thanks for the chuckle!!
That is really cute! My girls have also tried that in the past. I guess they feel all grown up or something?
That is so cute! Looks like your day got brighter!
Amy said…
First of all, that first picture is so gorgeous!

That last picture is too funny. :)
Sage and Savvy said…

The pictures you post are adorable! Love your design btw =)
Colleen said…
Nise' said…
That is too cute!

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Anonymous said…
AH HA HA HA...Baby O !

Ok, I BURST out laughing and now my husband wants to know why!
Sorry, not done. That picture of you and olivia-- I like it too, you are beautiful!
Judy said…
Too cute!

She's got some big, ah hem, 'shoes' to fill.
Jinny and Colin said…
lol, Olivia's too cute, it had to happen sometime didn't it. I love the picture of you two, you both look so pretty.
debrowns said…
Love it!
nessatxmom said…
Great pics! You and Olivia look so cute! And the last pic, well it's just adorable!
ROFL! Too cute!

JenniBeanV said…
LOL! Classic picture!
Anonymous said…
Found you through a comment you left on That Chick's blog. You said something in that comment about your Dad and my heart instantly stopped and my eyes filled with tears and I said "me, too!! Me, too!!"

The pictures are great. The last one? Totally cracked me up. God, how I needed that laugh :)
VeRonda said…
Hilarious!! Too cute! The best part is the innocense behind it that makes it look even more funny.
Amanda Daybyday said…
hee hee hee. Too funny. Look how proud she is of herself.

And I LOVE the picture of you and Olivia...absolutely gorgeous.

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