is school EVER going to start????

I love my kids.

I do.

But MERCY I can NOT wait until school starts up again!

Summer holidays is slowly killing my will to live. kidding kidding.


My sons just will NOT stop fighting with each other and it is going to drive me mad! The hitting. The kicking. The whining. The screaming. The grabbing. The waking each other up to darn early and keeping each other up too darn late. The constant need for my constant attention. The NEVER leaving me alone even for 1 minute I mean seriously I can't even go to the bathroom by myself!

My blood pressure rose just thinking about it.

Breath deep. Calm. Think of peaceful quiet secluded no-children-or-anyone-else- allowed spots.


I'm good.

3 weeks.

Just 3 more weeks.

Ya. I could never homeschool. I would never make it. And neither would my kids.

I love you teachers. You are wonderful beautiful gifted people and you all should be paid far more money for the work that you do. Please don't ever quit.


Lynn said…
Right there with ya!
I'm with you there, and I only have a preschooler. But the fighting and screaming and whining definitely needs to stop!
I know how you feel, although I'm homeschooling this year so you are really scaring me!

Today we went to the neighborhood pool only to find out IT WAS CLOSED! I almost cried. It is 101 degrees here...tough to play outside. If I play one more game of Battleship, I'm not sure...
Natalie said…
think happy thoughts....think happy thoughts...think happy thoughts!
Bebemiqui said…
I don't know what it is about summer...seems like the longer they're out of school, the more entoitled they think they are.
I live in terror of God possibly asking me to homeschool someday. Definately not my strong suit.
Mum-me said…
I always look forward to the school holidays, but I equally look forward to school starting again.

And here, our summer holiday only lasts between 5 and 6 weeks! We also get two weeks at the end of each 10 week term.

I love your blog design - very sweet and fresh!
JenniBeanV said…
LOL! I am a teacher so I'd prefer to prolong summer for as looooong as possible! :-D
PamperingBeki said…
I could've written this word for word!!
I have 6 year old twins and I feel this exact same way. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only home who feels this way. I'm glad I'm not as your post totally speaks to me.

We start on Monday thankfully. :)

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