I see you!

This is Olivia "hiding" in the boys' soccer net...

I realize I am biased but wow do I think my kid is cute!!!


JenniBeanV said…
She IS cute! With those blonde curls!
Angela said…
Oh...she is soooooo cute! I agree with jenni...those blonde curls are too much! Gorgeous!
Oh those are wonderful photos - I love all of her expressions. So, so cute! :)
Carol said…
That right there is several flavors of cuteness!
Definitely cute!!
ChristiS said…
She's absolutely adorable!!
What a cutie patootie!!!Those eyes are amazing!!!
Metropolismom said…
Hi Tara,

It's my first time here. I agree with you that we mothers are biased in terms with our kids and little ones, but, hey, Olivia is really cute. I love her natural and soft curls. she got lovely eyes, which I think she got them from you. I love her smile, too. You got a gorgeous little girl.


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