Creative tunnelling

My sons are seriously creative. This is what they built in our back yard today.

Well... my husband set up the tent but they did the rest!

It is amazing what you can build with lawn chairs and blankets.

All three of my kids had a lot of fun with this today.

We took them swimming after for one last swim before our local pool closes for the winter. Today was a really nice family day together.

Of course I got nothing else done but oh well... it's all about priorities my friends.


Pamela Kramer said…
That is super cute!
Bebemiqui said…
I miss doing stuff like this. I used to get so excited in a fort when I was little.
Sounds like you all are doing well right now, I'm glad :0)
What a wonderful day and a wonderful memory!

She's so cute walking through that fort!
ChristiS said…
I love it! I LOVED building forts like that when I was little!
That looks like a lot of fun!
My son had started building forts and my daughter loves sitting under things!
Amanda Daybyday said…
I love it!!!!!!!!
Judy said…
Oh. Makes me want to build a fort.

I always hated the cleanup, though.

Your kids are blessed, creativity like that will take them far.

(and drive you crazy!)

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