all done


I did it.

I finally finished off Aiden's assessment forms and sent them in.

26 pages later I am very tired.

My hope now is that SOMEONE will DO something!!!

We also have an appointment with a pediatrician in another town next week which will hopefully garner some helpful resources.

I need a nap.


I'm glad that this part is done for you. Let us know how things progress.
Jenni said…
Good for you and Good luck!

I had a hard conversation at the pediatrician's office yesterday about my son...I was asking about a referral to a developmental ped. He basically said he didn't think it was necessary and at that moment, I was relieved to hear it so I let it go. But now that I am replaying it I am wondering if he wasn't just blowing me off?


Mommying is hard.
Anonymous said…
Good! Now you should have a bowl of ice cream or something to reward yourself for getting through all of

I will be praying that the papers get into the right hands and your little guy gets what he needs.

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