Weekly Winners

Lotus from Sarcastic Mom is hosting Weekly Winners where we post our favourite pictures for the week.

Here are mine!
My son AidenMy sons studying a treasure in the grass
The treasure was a tiny mushroom
Owen taking a good long look
Daddy being a goof
Olivia acting like her brothers with her hand down her pants!
Olivia playing in the sprinkler

Owen loving up our neighbours super friendly cat Buffy.

Olivia completely zonked out with daddy.
These are my favourite pictures of our garden from this week...

Our lovely tomato plant

My broccoli
These are a weed, a nasty weed actually but I think they are pretty.

The apples have started to grow

Purple Pretty
My most favourite summer treat- sweet peas.

And scrumptious raspberries
Yellow lovelies


Great photos! I love Olivia with her hand down her diaper, too cute!

All your flowers/plants are lovely. Those raspberries remind me of my dad's bushes. So good!
Such variety, such wonder!!
Great photos of your beautiful kiddies, and I love all the pretty flowers and your wonderful fruits and veggies!
Sue said…
Blonde heads together is my fav. The apples growing are just plain beautiful.

Well done.
you have time to garden?! Great photos-- my fav. is the one of Owen and Buffy leaning back for a loving look at one another... total joy.
Connie said…
Great pics this week! Your kiddies are super cute & the ones of your flowers & plants are awesome!
Jinny said…
Very pretty! I think those blue ones look like Bachelor's Buttons...but if not, they totally are pretty weeds. :) You guys have nice flowers.
Sandy C. said…
Yum...those raspberries look so delicious :) Such fabulous pics! Your kiddos are so adorable :)

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