Three Cheers for Washable Markers

This is what I found in my living room today...
Hey Olivia, what are you doing?

Funny girl.
Where did you get the markers Olivia?
Ah ha! You had some help I see...

Why are you drawing on your sister Owen?

Oh, I see... you were teaching her how to be a ninja.
Of course. I should have known.


Su-Ann said…
i am glad you have a good response to it!!! Keeps your sanity if you can laugh!!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
So funny. I love washable markers!

My boys have recently gotten into Toy Story 1 AND 2. I see Owen in his cowboy clothes and it reminds me of that. Except, my boys are totally in love with Buzz. Infact, there are times when Nate leaves and only Buzz Lightyear is left in his place. "Not Buzz, it's Buzz WIGHTYEWR!!!" To infintity and beyond!
dags said…
i'd say that owen makes an excellent ninja. excellent stance, and intimidating ninja face. he just needs a good pair of nunchucks.
Anonymous said…
Cute, funny, so insightful and respectful of children's creativity.

Your presentation is brilliant.

I wish there was a TV channel of children's play and interactions and respectful adult responses. Of course watching kids, being with kids bring out all our old stuff, lashing out, bad feelings, confusion - which have to get sorted out somewhere else so that we can play openly again. But we need that to keep us growing.

Thanks for sharing what makes some people go ballistic.

G. on the coast
VeRonda said…
Hilarious! Yes, mom, you should've known... don't you know everything? Too cute!
Judy said…
Oh. No.

Thank you for the reminder that there exists washable markers.

I'm going to need to 'get me some' and soon!
Colleen said…
I love Kid Reasoning.
my2boyz said…
my sons does this is says it is tattos. That send shivers up and down my spine. I picture him 35 and covered in I love mom tats. :)
Diggin your blog.

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