Museum of Civilization Pictures

We absolutely adore the Museum of Civilization. It is, by far, the best children's museum we have ever visited. If you ever get the chance to visit Ottawa it is certainly worth seeing!

Well, we are heading home tomorrow morning. I should be finishing up packing right now but I thought I would leave you all with some fun pictures of our trip to the museum...

Coolest Museum EVER.


Amanda said…
wow that looks awesome! Good to hear that you finished off your great trip with something so great for the whole family!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you could go every day for years and still want to play in all those places.

I hopr you have an easy jpourney home.

Grnadma is going to think the children have grown up a lot.

G. on the coast
Elizabeth said…
the picture of your cutie in the tall grace...yeah, A-MA-ZING! :-)
Nissa said…
Wow, Tara! That is a wonderful pictorial!! It looks like everyone had an awesome time! :)
AussieMaz said…
That museum looks very cool, I wanna go there!

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