I'm addicted

hmmm... what can I say about the last couple days? First of all we are staying with my brother-in-law and his wife and they don't have TV or internet in their home. Therefore I have not written any decent posts and haven't read any of your lovely blogs lately. I also missed the season finale of the Bachelorette... and yes, I know I am pathetic for watching it but none the less I was a little sad to miss it. However, it is worth it to see our family ... and it has pointed out the fact that I am completely addicted to the computer and to a lesser extent the TV.

Not that I plan to do anything to change that.

I am fine with my addictions.

The point is we have been having a lovely time with Dave and Julia. The kids are in seventh heaven with all the attention they are getting.

All three kids seem to be feeling ok... and now I am sick. Of course.

Aiden is being incredibly defiant today though. I know all this change is tough on him but WOW he might just drive us all crazy. The thing is I really DO feel bad for him. I KNOW this is hard for him. But he is being really nasty to us all and that is just not ok.

Anyway, I better publish this quick since I only have a couple of minutes.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.


Robyn said…
When are you coming hooommmee???!
Amanda said…
I here you I am sooooo addicted to the computer/internet.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
step away from the computer Tara. Rest.
Anonymous said…
You are not the only one who watches Bachelorette. Iris got me into a few, especially the recent ones. The last 2 were the sweet Dad and the snowboarder; both got to visit her family AT THE SAME TIME.

The producers are shameless in milking it for anxiety and unreality. I believe their set up got her to decide on the last morning - not the way it happens in our lives, and definitely not recommended.

Everyone thought sweet Dad was a fine man and the clear choice, but snowboarder just pushed slowly beyond his comfort zone and kept finding ways to be genuine. Grandma warmed up to snowboarder.
Dad did not verbalize, but easy to read his preference for stability. One cousin felt that Bachelorette would fast forward her life, skipping 5 years.

Iris was so upset that snowboarder was the choice. The conversations after milked more agony from all. Sweet Dad is the best person I've seen on reality TV, ranking up there with a preschool teacher on a Survivor.

Easier to find fine people in my neighborhood.I am going to wean myself from all TV except PBS; wish me luck. But PBS is not relaxing, back to dancing.

Love, G. on the coast

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