I have serious bad airplane luck

I'm home.

And so very tired.

I spent 3.5 hours on a ridiculously small airplane with my ridiculously whiny children. Owen spilled his pop on his pants again but DON'T WORRY I came prepared this time. I cleaned him off and handed him new pants to change into. Which he did right in front of me much to the chagrin of the grumpy people next to us. Olivia slept part of the time because I nursed her... which also ticked off the grumpy old people next to us and fascinated the young girl in the seat up one row who felt compelled to stare at me for a good portion of the time.

We sat directly in front of the engines and the noise was so overwhelming that we couldn't even talk to each other. And we could barely hear the TV with headphones. Owen's TV didn't work of course. And we were sitting in an aisle with NO window. Doug and Aiden were sitting accross the aisle behind us. Olivia and Owen both wanted to be with them because they had a window.

Air Canada basically sucks. It was super expensive and they didn't even give us cookies. Just one small cup of beverage on the whole flight. Although we could have purchased small, unpleasant looking sandwiches for SIX dollars each. Sheesh. And now that the airport won't let you take liquids through security we were basically thirsty for three hours.

I had a RAGING headache and the airplane was hot and stuffy and loud and crowded... it was the first time I actually came close to being air sick.

I shall never fly Air Canada again if I can help it. West Jet for me.

And then we had to drive the almost three hours home. Which we survive miraculously well. We got home before supper time even! Then we had to unpack and all that fun stuff. By the time I fell into bed I seriously debated ever getting up again.

Sadly my children did not like my new "sleep forever" plan... so here I am trying to adjust to life at home again.

I'm glad to be back.


Robyn said…
Good grief! FINALLY home! Yay oh yay!!! Can't wait for things to settle down at home, call me when you do!!

PS am putting boys back in lessons in aug, wanna join??
Elizabeth said…
yeah, nursing on a plane is not easy. it's so annoying to get looks too...you just want to say, "Look, i'm not just doing tis for the fun of it." or "Hey, my little one takes after her dad."

hahaha that'll get a few extra looks though, won't it.
Sarah Zeldman said…
Remember, you need two days to "catch up" for every ONE day you were away! So don't be surprised if everyone doesn't fall back into the routine right away!

HUGS! Hang in there :)
Bless your heart.
Ugh, what a pain!

The sleep forever plan sounds wonderful to me! You can hire a cook to bring you food in bed!
I read this yesterday, but was so worn out from imagining that place ride, I had to sleep before commenting ;-) (Actually, children happened).
THAT is why I won't take my kids to the states. 11-14 hours on a plane plus layovers does NOT appeal to me. sigh.
I'm glad you survived.
I've missed you. Our summers have been busy, haven't they?
Have a great weekend.
CanCan said…
The first time I flew as a nursing mom, I totally sprayed the grumpy couple I was sitting next to. I was too tired and aggravated to care though.
It was sort of sweet revenge for their mean looks.
Judy said…
Oh, my.

Sounds like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.
Amanda Daybyday said…
I slept a good hour this afternoon on the couch...tired and I just did a quick 3 nights 5 hours away.

I hate Air Canada too! Much more prefer West Jet...much more.

Glad you're home safe!

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