Happy Anniversary to us

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.

We are doing absolutely nothing to celebrate. But we are ok with that.

There is just far too many stressful things going on in our life right now and the best we can seem to do is to just watch some tv together. Neither of us have the energy, time or money to plan anything more.

Instead we are going to try and save up to do something fun for our 10th anniversary next year.

I love you Doug. You are exactly the right husband for me. I am proud of you. I think you are a wonderful husband and father. Plus you're cute.

So here's to our 9 years together and to MANY more years to come.


Amydeanne said…
hey Tara, I just noticed.. after clicking on your blog and checking out your links that you're a sask girl too! I'm just close to Regina! Kinda neat! Haven't seen many Canadian bloggers in the circles i've been blogging.

Anyhow, happy anniversary!
Congrats and Happy Anniversary!! I think a nite in for tv can be romantic, as long as you're with the person who loves you above anyone else in this world :-)
Have a great nite!
Natalie said…
Happy Anniversary! We didn't do anything but watch a movie last year for our anniversary because our 4 yr old had her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in two days before...definately not ready for a sitter! anyway, we are saving for something big for 10 years too but i have a few more to go than you. we just celebrated our 7th anniversary.
Judy said…
Happy Anniversary, Tara and Doug!

We were going to save up for something big for our 30th. But, we had to buy a house instead. By our 60th we might have the house paid off, so maybe then...
Maestra Jen said…
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Charlotte said…
Happy Anniversary! I hope that there are many more to come.
Anonymous said…
May you celebrate your marriage in every moment and every way that you choose.

Like birthdays, sometimes the calendar date of an anniversary is not in synch with free time, celebratory energy, family attention, or a setting aside of challenges.

Surely there will be many opportunities for impromptu celebrations before another year.

I hope you tell the children about your wonderful wedding. They'll like your smiles and the glow.
I am smiling as I remember.

And I feel blessed by your sharing so much of your strong, solid, caring, giving, very full life that you and Doug have created.

Love, G. on the coast
dlyn said…
Happy Anniversary [I think I am a day late]. We rarely do anything to celebrate our Anniversary - maybe go out to eat sometime that month is we get around to it. Every day is a party around here ya know, so who needs a special occasion?

Seriously - love folowing you on Twitter and through that found your husband's photos which are just amazing.

blessings on your day ...
Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry this is late - but I hope you guys had a wonderful day! :)
Amanda Daybyday said…
Happy Anniversary guys!

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