the good kind of tired

I am wiped right out.

Doug and I took the kids to the Museum of Civilization today, to the Canadian Children's Museum that it has there... and it was great. But after 6 hours of racing around the incredibly great place we are all exhausted. We even saw a IMAX movie about the ocean which was pretty cool.

The only down side was that it cost a zillion dollars for food that was really not worth it. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Honestly though if you ever have the chance to visit Canada's capital city and you have kids then you should really spend a day at this museum. It is incredible. And so fun. My kids pretty much want to live there now.

I really need to get some sleep now.


Chris said…
Was the Imax in 3 D ? Those are so totally cool :) Oh, and get some rest woman!

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