beautiful diversity

This is my Olivia playing with two of the other kiddo's here at Assembly...

Aren't they just the perfect picture of Canadian Diversity? I love it.

Here I am with my friend Camille- she is a youth pastor in Toronto.

This is my friend, and fellow pastor's wife, Sharon...
She has four kids, her youngest is the same age as my oldest... she is super funny and I always love seeing her at these conferences.And here is my lovely friend Sharolyn... the best part of these conferences is getting to catch up with people we haven't seen in awhile! Sharolyn and her hubby are church planters in Alberta.

Did you all know that it costs $4.00 per person to ride the city bus? It's true. It cost my husband and I $16.00 to go to and from our meetings yesterday. Plus we had to wait an hour for the bus home. I do NOT miss taking the bus.

While we were waiting for the bus some guy was taking our picture from across the road, from behind the window, etc. In other words some stranger was totally taking our picture a whole bunch of times without asking us if he could or telling us why. Weird. I can picture the caption now "Oblivious Tourists Wait for Bus that Never Arrives... HAHAHAHAHA".


el Maggie said…
It costs $4 to take the bus?! It didn't cost that much when I took it 2 or 3 weeks ago . . . did I hear about that on the radio? I don't remember . . .
You're probably on someone's blog-- isn't that strange to think about?!
$4, wow.

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