All Done

The 2008 General Assembly of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is officially done.


As great as it is to see friends again I am exhausted.

Olivia is sick with a fever and teething and some unknown something that is causing her to wail in pain.

Aiden is sick with a pretty high fever and sore throat.

I guess we are all going to spend the next few days trying to recover!


hi, nice to meet you!` i am from china ,welcome to beijing.2008 Beijing Olympic Games! ~
Anonymous said…

I hope there is time in all this caretaking of illness for you and Doug to relax and view priorities.

So much new input for all of you.

Thinking of you with love, as always,

G. on the coast
Colleen said…'ve got some interesting comments there...
I wanted to say THANK YOU for posting the pics you did in this post. It's super nice to see those old friends and their kids. (Is that Charity's little guy?? So cute.)
Hope you all are feeling better soon.
Elizabeth said…
hope you guys get well soon!
Amanda Franks said…
I hope you had a lovely time and lots of great memories! I'm super green with envy that you got to see so many alumni, how do I get into that conference, lol :)

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