Adventures at conference

So my husband and I have been attending a conference this week and although lots has happened I only have about 6 seconds to blog today so here is the highlight of my day...

I was sitting down for lunch at an alumni banquet for the school my husband and I met at and as I was about to take a sip of my water my glass shattered in my hand! I was literally holding it in the air about to put it to my lips... I did not bump it on anything and last time I checked I don't have the hand strength to shatter a glass... but it did indeed shatter! Glass everywhere, water everywhere (including all over my shirt and pants). What a scene. The server rushes over and says to me "oh my! I'm so sorry! Just don't touch anything and I will clean it all up!"... I'm pretty sure she was worried I would cut myself and sue them or something!

What a mess.

Hopefully that won't happen at lunch tomorrow!


Amanda Daybyday said…
AH! That's crazy. What a freaky thing. Me thinks it's time for them to get new glasses, hey?

Are you having fun? See lots of cool people? I have to admit, I'm a tad jealous. I wanted to hide away in my sister's suitcase and come.
It was probably a great ice breaker, though right?
Wow. I'm glad you didn't get cut, stitches are not the best way to remember a fun time out with the Hubby.
Jenn said…
Yikes! Good thing it wasn't serious.
kelle said…
that's crazy! I'm glad to hear that you're alright! And I'm with Amanda, I'm a bit jealous you're there, too. Enjoy your time there!

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