Who Are You?

So I read this blog called Jason. For the love of God. I read it everyday because it is honestly one of the funniest blogs I have ever read.

Anyway, today she asked a question that got me thinking. Basically she asked "who reads my blog and why don't you comment".

So I will ask the same thing- Who are you?

Why don't more than 6 of you ever comment? Is it because I put "if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all" on my comment form?

I know you are out there... google analytics doesn't lie and it says there are about 100 of you out there every day...

just curious.


Amy said…
I just found your blog through clicking through other blogs.
Judy said…
I cannot remember where I first found you, but I keep coming back because I like you!
Geegee said…
I read your blog usually about once every two weeks or so. I really enjoy your honesty and your heart and the fact that I can identify with a lot of what you write. It is true, I don't comment. Mostly because I am too lazy or tired. Sorry. I do appreciate reading your blog though so don't stop writing!
Anonymous said…
I am a friend of one of your friends. I found your blog thru hers. I read it very faithfully. I love all the pictures you post. You have a great talent there. I also pray for you as you obvioulsy struggle in many different areas (don't we all). I can't say that I can relate to a lot of things you go thru but I can only imagine how hard it must be for you some days. I have 4 kids myself and it's no cake walk I tell ya. I admire your honesty and would just encourage you to keep your head up. I'll keep on praying for God's blessing on your lovely little family. And remember Satan hates pastors and he will try to attack but PRAISE THE LORD we have GOD on our side. So let's crush Satan under our feet and JESUS WILL REIGN!!!!!
~Cheryl in BC
Tanya said…
Hey Tara, I'm here. I usually read your blog a couple of times a week, though this is my first time here in almost 2 weeks I think... its been crazy at my house. LOL

Why don't I comment? Mostly because I'm lazy. It's usually the end of my day and I just wanna read. And the other half of the time it's because I'm NAK (nursing at keyboard) ;)

over 100 each day? Cool beans!
Misty said…
i totally comment on you! it's so funny to me though, how analitics can literally show hundreds and hundreds of people reading and you get 9 comments. PSH!
Anonymous said…
Hey Tara, I read your blog when I have time, My world is either an insane, sleep-deprived, food-deprived roller coaster, or it is dead quiet... the nature of my job... I guess I shouldn't use the word "dead", but I can't help it, the word sits well with me tonight!! ..but I don't often comment because I am not sure what to say. My heart frequently goes out to you, balancing pressures of being a pastor's wife, and trying to raise 3 young children with a bunch of "holier than thou's" on the loose. I don't always agree with what you say. I find myself thinking that I would do something differently. But here's the thing. I AM NOT YOU!! I AM NOT A PASTOR'S WIFE! So the tendency of my heart is to wish someone would nurture you, would care for you, and would mentor you. I don't mean in the way your husband does, I mean someone older in the church who comes along side you, encourages you, challenges you, and from time to time, takes some of the burden from your shoulders for some of your day to day tasks.. laundry, housework, cook a meal. I truly believe that is what God intended the church to be. I truly believe the church is failing miserably. Umm... how is that for a comment. Keep in mind that I have travelled 20,000+ miles in the past 15 days, have slept in 6 different places, have eaten meals on the run, or totally missed them all together. and haven't managed to connect with anyone who loves me in the past 17 days. so if i am totally rambling... you understand.
keep blogging lady!!
Margaret said…
sweet Tara Jane :)
I love your blog. I love that through reading it I can keep up with your life and your beautiful family. Thanks for your honesty - that takes guts.
Amy said…
Hi there - I think I told you I found you last week on PWthriving. My husband was recently forced out of our church, that has since closed . . .we are taking time to grieve and heal. I started blogging and crafting more, to find community as we no longer have a church support system. I do my best to comment - because I LOVE comments too =)

Was that too much?
Carolynn said…
I read/check your blog daily because we miss you and this is a way for me to keep up. I don't comment because - I just don't comment. I rarely comment on anyone's blog or on facebook. Please know that is doesn't mean I care any less.
Amanda Daybyday said…
he he. Well you know I comment...perhaps too much. But I read lots of blogs that I don't comment on. Partly because I just don't know them and don't figure they'll care to hear what I have to say...partly because, well that would be opening myself up to something...you know? However, I'm challenging myself to comment more on others' blogs because I like it when I get comments. Do unto others and all that stuff.
Lara said…
First of all, I just read Jason, for the love of god, and you're right, she sounds hilarious! ;)
I often don't comment because I'm reading "on the run" or I just don't think i have something that's worth other's people's time to read. I'd be saying a lot of "that's awesome" or "neat" or "he he he" if I commented what I thought, and that's just lame ;)
kelle said…
Hey Tara, I do my best to comment...sometimes I have nothing to say...but I faithfully read your blog! And thanks for commenting on my blog!
Anonymous said…
Boourns, I've been caught! Yes, yes, I read your blog (and Doug's but he doesn't post as often as you) usually once a day during my breaks at work. I like to see all the pictures of the kids (I can't believe how big they are by the way) and to be quite honest I've missed you guys. I also like how you write like you talk and I always thought you were super funny. Plus its nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes to stay home and not talk to people or be in large crowds etc. or isn't really accepted by some people. And as for why don't I post....I do sometimes but like the person above me I kinda figure what I'd have to say isn't all that important (ok, now I sound like a complete loser....SEE I'M SOUNDING LIKE A LOSER FOR YOU!!) Anyways, thats it...keep up the blogging and say "hi" to doug for me!
Leslie R
Hi Tara! I'm always reading and try to comment when I can, but don't always have the time to comment on every post. I wish I did! :)
I always ask myself the same question about my blog ;-) Come see me I have a giveaway going on right now! :-) Plus I just had a blog makeover too!

The Presceskys said…
I'm pretty sure I'm one of the 6 that regularily comment, but just to be sure... here's me saying hi.
Anonymous said…
I found your blog through Amanda's (she was my RA at CBC)& I recognised you from CBC. I don't comment because we didn't know each other, but I like reading your blog because you are so honest about what you are feeling & I can relate to a lot of it.
I've already admitted it's because I suck! ;)
Anonymous said…
Well, I am learning so much about reading blogs and commenting.

Asking gets useful information.

Since I am new to blogs, and I am a tech-challenged elder, yours is the only blog I read. I know you and it took me weeks before I asked my daughter how to access your blog. I still am not sure that I can trust using what I think is my password and not losing what I've tried to send as a comment.

I have commented rarely, waiting to figure our the unspoken rules. Now I have a survey of how readers feel and see that there are no rules, just lurking bosses, children who naturally want our attention, sometimes eye contact and a "wow" every two minutes. My nearby 2 year old has graduated from wanting a turn tapping to persistently pulling me to play. And often I do not have the wits to multi-task or create a distraction that will engage her, so I read and run.

The self-doubt factor is there for me on my "off" days. And that is what I value in your commitment to blog thru all the feelings, and not just be out there in the sunny times.

Sometimes I do not comment but I send you an email because my ideas are too outside the box, and you can delete an email.

What else. I do not read your blog every day and when I catch up, I wonder if there is any point commenting on a 2 day old blog. I have even wondered if you read old comments. Now I know.

Your photos are like fresh fruit for me. All your smiles, your loving hubby. I thrill at every photo of your dear Mom. And I love seeing you. How about having each family member and drop-in friend take a photo of you, as they see you.

G. on the coast
Linda said…
Today is the very first day I have visited your blog. I am glad that you consider yourself an imperfect pastor's wife because I've seen too many "perfect" ones.
Jenn said…
Well I think I comment fairly regularly too. 100 viewers daily hey? That's pretty darn good!
Jinny and Colin said…
I think we should get a dollar for every person we visits our blogs everyday...hehe...though you'd be a lot wealthier than me.
Amy & Jared said…
hey Tara,
I too read regularly, but don't comment for vaious reasons... mostly becuase i really don't know what to say! I love how honest you are!!! Sometimes it's because i have nothing to say... sometimes I do try to comment but it doesn't let me... sometimes I'm just lazy! But yeah, I'm here and really think i should start blogging, it seems so theurepudic (if that's spelt right?) for you... and maybe it would help me too!
Tracey said…
My first visit, but I must say that most people don't comment. It takes a lot of time for what can appear to be an insignificant comment. but I know that all comments are appreciated and try to do as many as possible.

Anyway, Cute blog! Don't let the kids get you down on working out. Have them exercise with you, if you can swing it!
Anonymous said…
I started reading your blog because you're my sister and I like to see what the little critters are up to!

I don't comment because I figured if you saw a hit from Saskatoon you'd know it was me or the Philly.

If you feel silently stalked I will make an effort to comment more if there are words... sometimes there are just no words!!

looking forward to Saturday!

I read you every time I am out to read. I don't always comment because you and I are suffering the same things-- you know what I mean. I'm back to the Jiggly post to comment now :-)
Elizabeth said…
just another sahm blogger and like your writing b/c you're real, down to earth, and funny. :-)
Amy said…
I don't comment on blogs as much anymore because I'm reading too many. but I am reading. :)
marci said…
I only found your blog about a week ago. But I usually only comment about once or twice a day, and I read a lot of blogs.

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