Spray park fun

This city has some pretty amazing and fun things for kids to do! We went to this huge spray park this afternoon and the kids had SO much fun.

Of course, being super mommy, I totally forgot to put sunscreen on their shoulders and backs so all three of them got sunburned. I am truly awesome.

At one point Olivia tried to run into the parking lot and almost got run over... ok, she didn't almost get run over. The nice man in the SUV stopped WAY before hitting her but still. She COULD have got killed. I almost had a heart attack as my fat self was chasing her. Apparently she can run pretty fast when she wants to.

I am also totally pathetic and I watched the Bachelorette tonight. I really love those cheesy reality tv shows. I can't help it. Stop mocking me, I already admitted I am pathetic!

Tomorrow is Canada Day and that is a BIG FAT hairy deal. Especially here in our nation's capital city. We are going to join in the festivities and watch the fire works and all that good stuff. Hopefully the kids have fun... they aren't exactly used to big crowds... seeing as how there will be more people on the parliament building grounds tomorrow than there are in our entire town.


Amanda Daybyday said…
I like the cheesy shows too. Enjoy the festivities tomorrow...I'm still debating about dragging my kids downtown for our exciting parade...by myself.
dags said…
just so you know, i AM mocking you for watching the bachelorette...but i love you anyway! enjoy your holiday to the fullest!
Colleen said…
HEY ... you need to start talking nicer to yourself!! No way would you talk like that about someone else...so don't do it to you either.

(and now that the lecture is done)...
I got the gloves in a bottle- THANK YOU!
I hope you're enjoying Canada Day in Ottawa. Sounds like tonnes of fun!
Great water shots!
Lowa said…
Ok I found you through Jinny and I LOVE your blog:) You are so funny! I just had to comment after I saw this where you said "Big Fat Hairy Deal"! LOL Oh man that brings back memories. I used to say that ALL THE TIME. I quit because people here make fun of me:( I stopped saying a lot of "Canadianisms" because they mock me and I feel dumb about it. I am just now (18 years after leaving my beloved Canada) getting the guts to say the things I should say and not worry about what people think.

Your kids are so cute and I am glad to hear you are still nursing your little girl. Mine quit two months after her first birthday and I was totally not ready and it broke my heart. I wish I could have more kids, but my husband said no:( *sniff*

Anyway, sounds like you are having a great summer!

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