park playmates

We went to the park yesterday afternoon.
Uncle Dave tried to teach Owen badminton... it was very cute to watch Owen's concentration.
Uncle Dave also got to play with Olivia... don't they look cute?
While we were at the park we met this family of kids- the little girl is six years old just like Aiden, the middle boy was ALSO named Owen and ALSO four years old, and the littlest boy was only a couple months older than Olivia... it was like they were custom ordered playmates!
Aiden was especially taken with the adorable little girl... I think she liked him too. 
I am always amazed at how easily kid's make friends out of complete strangers. And how they just accept each other without question. 

The conversation is always the same

"Hi, my name is Aiden/Owen... what's your name? I'm six years old/ four years old. Want to play with me?"

And then they do. Just like that. 

Kid's are great. 


Judy said…
Oh, how cool is that?

I often find it odd that 'we' attempt to teach children, and rarely realize the potential they have for teaching 'us'.

Your kids are amazing!

I'm going to have to try that line:

"Hi. My name is Judy. I'm 50. Want to play with me?"
Amanda said…
looks like you guys had fun. and instant playmates at the park are great hey!!!
Anonymous said…
Aren't playgrounds magical?

I can't think of any setting besides a beautiful forest that so invites the feeling of "here we are in this great place; lets' make the most of it by enjoying it together."

Strangers become friends that we are about to meet.

Thanks for sharing the story; it brought back memories of stories my mother loved to tell of playmates we clicked with when camping, before we had playmates in the neighborhood.

I wish every day could be this open, and not just summer holidays.

Shine on,

G. on the coast

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