Olivia starts to swim

I just took Olivia for her first swimming lesson ever... and she was so cute!

I'd post pictures but I didn't take any. There will never be any pictures of me in a bathing suit if I can possibly help it. And this was a mom n' tot class so I was holding her the whole time. Therefore any pictures of her would also be of me and my rather large arse which no one needs to see.

Although the teacher did make us parade RIGHT PAST the stands holding all the spectators. I really enjoyed that part. NOT.

tee hee... I'm sure they enjoyed it too...bwahahahahahahaha.

Olivia spent about half the lesson screaming but once they let her go down the slide she was good to go. Of course she wanted to ONLY go down the slide but that is not the point. She had absolutely no intention of kicking her legs, blowing bubbles under the water or floating on her back. In fact when the teacher suggested we do those things she simply looked at him with disdain and headed for the slide.

But she did look super cute in her little bathing suit!


Robyn said…
Hmmm. The pool is not that far from my house. I'm sure, if people are willing to pay, I could snap a couple for you :D Yay for the slide! And woo hoo for momma's on parade. That was my favorite part too, blergh!
Terra Hangen said…
Hi Tara,
I just now joined CWO so my blog isn't listed there yet, but I want to say hi Tara from Terra.
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