I'm so proud

Aiden had the most amazing day today- he didn't get into trouble at all! Not once!!!! Seriously. If you don't know my son you may not understand the significance of that but you must believe me when I tell you it is incredible. He got 10 out of 10 good behaviour stickers at school. He helped me clean up his room WITHOUT complaining. And then to top off an already amazing day he tried pirogies for the first time ever! We didn't even have to coerce or force or bribe him to do it!
MY SON TRIED A NEW FOOD!!!!!! This may not seem like a big deal to you but trust me, it is.
I could almost cry I'm so proud of my kid for having such a great day. Days like this are few and far between but when they happen they give me pure joy.

And while Aiden was at school being awesome Owen and I made cookies together.
He is so much fun to bake with... messy... but fun. And he was so proud of himself.
Oh, and just in case you are wondering, Owen's front tooth was cracked in half when he was two by his older brother. Aiden threw a hot wheels car at him and smoked him in the mouth. Poor kid. The dentist told us there was nothing to be done about it and it would eventually fall out. So for the last two and a half years every close up picture we have of Owen shows his wacky tooth. Poor kid.

Doug was trying to take a picture of Olivia in her super cute new outfit and so of course the boys wanted their pictures taken as well.

Olivia kissed both her brothers good night tonight and it was so cute. She even tried to crawl into bed with Owen and he didn't even try to push her out!

Anyway, the point is that Aiden is AMAZING and my kids rock my world.


Your kids are so cute. I am glad that Aiden had such a great day!
Have a great weekend :)
Amanda Daybyday said…
Don't you love days like that? Makes it all worth it.
Jenn said…
Those days ARE a big deal!
Anonymous said…
No limits to love and appreciation.

I think there should be a TV channel with only photos and videos of children being creative and lovable and natural, very healing for us all.

Thank you for sharing so much of your delight.

The future is is good hands.

Well done,

Love, G. on the coast
Envoy-ette said…
I so understand having a good day! My oldest had a difficult time until he was in the 3rd grade. He was always in trouble, and I wondered why he struck out so much at other children..and did the things he did. Then...as if overnight, he changed. He is the kid every parents wishes they had once he hit 4th grade. He is an honor student, never in trouble, and people come up to me and tell me how sweet, caring and polite he is. Lots of prayer went into that little boy and it all paid off. Don't be surprised when Aiden excells in all he does...pretty darn soon!
Amanda said…
Oh we savor those days as mothers and really see why we suffer through the tough days. Wow your kids are look sooooo much alike
ChristiS said…
YAY to Aiden for a fantastic day!! I DO understand why this is such a great thing!! Praise the Lord!!

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