I hate my dress mommy

My daughter has begun to hate dresses. This is the dress she refused to wear this morning to church. She just kept pulling at it and crying until I took it off of her. It is even lined with nice comfy material. It's not itchy. It's not painful to wear. She can walk so it doesn't get in the way of crawling.
She even dumped her cereal down the front of it in an effort to make me take it off of her.
I LOVE dresses people. I desperately want my little girl to be girlie! I already have two boys. I want to be able to dress her up in pretty things. Frilly things. Things with flowers and ribbons. Why won't she let me?
This is just one more sign to me that she is growing up WAY TOO FAST. So sad.


Gina Conroy said…
My first three children were boys and they could care less what they wore. My last, a girl, was particular by age two and had a fondness for shoes. One year I bought all these cute capri pants and she refused to where any thing but dresses! She just turned six and is better about wearing pants now, but still loves her dresses.
Just checking out the mommy bloggers who struggle with balance by way of Tree Swing Reader! Good to know I'm not alone!
Amy said…
And such a pretty dress too! My girls all (3) seem to have favorites maybe give her two options, eventually she may pick it. Or make sure daddy gives her lots of princes praise. They do grow up too fast! I just found you via - PWThriving. Cute post. =)
kailani said…
I can see why you want her to wear dresses, she's so adorable in them!
Amanda Daybyday said…
They DO grow up oh so fast. Oh too fast. Most of the time. It is a cute dress. Hopefully its just a phase?
That IS sad. Maybe you could lay out several dresses and let her choose. Maybe it's just an exerting her independence thing.
Oh what a pretty dress! I think it's probably just an independence thing too - Becca did the same thing (sort of) to me this morning and utterly refused to wear the shorts that I picked out, so she went and picked some out herself.

I hope you can convince her to wear that dress though, because she looks absolutely adorable in it! :)
Nissa said…
Oh, that's so terrible! Maybe it's just a phase, though. Part of her independent streak..?

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