It is HOT here.

Really hot. 
And humid.
I am not a big fan of humidity... it makes me feel constantly sweaty and that is not cool.

I AM, however, a big fan of the grocery stores here. WOW. Seriously. Amazing. And HUGE lovely aisles. I am certain that our local grocery store could fit in a small section of these ones. 
My children have NOT been sleeping well since we got here... but I am hoping they adjust and we don't have to get up every couple hours for the entire time we are here!


Jenn said…
I am totally with you on the grocery store thing! Ours are WAY too small and carry too few things for my liking. Hopefully your kids adjust quickly to sleeping well at night!
el Maggie said…
By here, do you mean HERE (I haven't been by in a while, but seem to remember you were coming to town)? If you think this is humid, you ain't seen nothing yet . . . it's been glacial for this time of year!
Stopping in to say hi! Have a great trip despite the frazzled mommy feeling and lack of sleep:-)


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