Flower Child

Yesterday morning before church Olivia decided to explore the plethora of daisies we have growing in our back yard. I just thought she looked really cute.

She even tried to taste one of the daisies.

She wanted to give the daisy a drink.
Then we brought the daisy inside to show everyone.
And of course we had to show Uncle Dave.
The boys are so excited to have Uncle Dave visiting. He is really never left alone!
This is the boys showing Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia the kid's room at the church.
My husband was mostly ignored... despite the fact that it was father's day. Perhaps we'll have to celebrate it next weekend instead. Poor daddy.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Those really are gorgeous pictures of Olivia. Love here dress too.
Aww, what a sweetie in her pretty dress with all of the daisies! I love how she wanted to give it a drink. :)
Misty said…
adorable. Her dress is simply lovely! Sounds like the daisy had a beautiful sunday as well!
Colleen said…
She is so beautiful, Tara. LOVE the daisy photos.
Amanda said…
I love the pics of olivia in the garden this is such a great age! It must be great having family come visit enjoy! We never have family visit.
Elizabeth said…
Tulip carried a flower when we went for a walk and was so proud of it. it is so cute how little girls are such GIRLS. :-)
Vader's Mom said…
She looks like a little daisy.

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