Catching Up

So here's the thing...

It is very late and I am up doing things I wish I had done earlier... but didn't get a chance to.

I am packing for our big trip east... we will be gone for 3 weeks attending our denominations General Assembly and visiting my husband's family.

I don't particularly like packing for 3 kids plus myself. Too complicated. I am certain I am going to forget something important... even though I wrote a list.

Aiden had his last day of Kindergarten today... when we got home I asked him if he was happy to be done school and he said "No. not really. I'll miss Mrs. K". I said I'd miss her too. She is fabulous after all. But I assured him we would see her again. One of the benefits of living in a small town... she can't escape us for long... bwahahahahaha.

Our very dear friends Glen and Colleen welcomed a third daughter into their lives today- welcome Natasha Corrin! I can't wait to meet you baby girl!
I sure miss Glen & Colleen... it stinks to be so far away from those you love. We've been friends with them since before we were married. In fact they got married within a couple weeks of us. We usually only get to see them once a year but I am sure hoping I can meet their new baby girl before she is a year old!

I also want to say thanks to some people I have totally neglected this month before we head out east:

Thanks to Amy from My Friend Amy for two great books!
Amy gives away lots of books and does great reviews too.

Thanks to Michelle Sutton from Edgy Inspirational Author for this great book:
Michelle gives away a ton of books on her site regularly too!

Thanks to Lena from A Christian Writer's World for the book "Better than Gold".

Thanks to Heather from Mom 4 life for the great tank top. Heather is an amazing woman and her blog is incredible to read.

Thanks to Theresa from Made Digital for these beautiful custom made cards.

Thanks to Heather from Desperately Seeking Sanity for the gift card. There is just nothing wrong with gift cards!

Thanks to Notes from My Nest for the fabulous Melontree Leg Warmers.

Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for the gift certificate to Blurb Books!

Thanks to Amy at Queen to My 3 Boys for the beautiful Colour Me Family labels.
Aren't they cute? They do have our address on them (which I blocked out so the sickos can't steal my kids) and you get to customize how they look. I think they are great.

Thanks to Emily at Boutique Cafe for the super cute "Clone" onesie from Baby&Momma.
And this is the freaky huge moth that almost gave my poor Owen a heart attack today...

I didn't particularly like it either but it didn't cause me to break down sobbing. Poor kid.

And now I really have to go to bed!


Amy said…
Have a good trip Tara! Sorry The Ballad of Matthew's Begats was so late!

you are one lucky girl! Lots of prizes!
When you said "east" I thought you were coming to see me :-(
But if you're carrying around that moth, I'd rather wait and see you another time.
Have a great time!!
Amanda said…
oh fun going on vacation! Have a blast with your family and meeting up with old friends. I know how it sucks to be so far away from such good friends. And I think that moth is soooooo scary too!
You are most welcome!

Have fun on your trip.
Shan Claire said…
SO glad you received the cards!!! :) Enjoy them!

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