Bella Tessa beauty!

I won the absolute cutest custom made outfit ever for Olivia from Bella Tessa Designs. Seriously, I LOVE this outfit.
I got it in the mail today and immediately put it on Olivia because I was so excited.
She was "helping" me sweep the kitchen floor while I was taking these pictures.
Honestly. I really love this outfit. It is designed by Jennifer Miller who is obviously a genius.
Thank-you Jennifer... you made my day!

Bella Tessa Designs makes "captivating couture for children" and you should all go check out Jennifer's website!


Amanda Daybyday said…
cute, cute, cute!!!
Jenn said…
ChristiS said…
This is too cute! I noticed it in the post about Aiden! LOVE it! Only wish I had a girlie girl to put one on! LOL

Did you get your prize yet?

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