Airport Adventures

I am thankful to the airport for providing this little bit of a play area for kids... it was great and helped distract them from the fact that it was 4:30 am. Poor kids.

It did NOT manage to distract us from that fact though. Poor Mommy and Daddy. 

But don't worry, even when there is no play area the kids managed to entertain themselves. I tried not to think about all the stuff that had been on that floor before my kids. 

I do have one thing to tell flight attendants everywhere... when pouring a cup of pop for a 4 year old child during turbulence consider that the child may not have the ability to hold a full cup steady. Also consider that the mommy sitting with three children, one on either side and one on her lap, may not enjoy having the pop dumped everywhere. She also may not enjoy having to use her nursing cover to sop up the mess, the sobbing from the four year old who has no more pop left, and the ensuing trauma of having to sit in pop soaked underwear while the mother hangs the pop soaked pants over the arm of the chair to aid drying. And then please don't glare at said mother when you notice her child sitting clad only in his ninja turtle underwear and the mother nursing without a cover up. After all, it is all YOUR fault. 

So there.  


Colleen said…
Ohh... nastiness. I do not envy you that journey! Good luck at General Assmebly and good luck with the trip home!
debrowns said…
Hey Tara,

welcome to Ontario! at least it's warmer out here. See you guys in a few days

Robyn said…
OMG. I'm sorry. Yes I'm laughing. But it's FNNNT!! I promise, when you come home & read it, you'll laugh!! Glad you made it to Ontario, have fun!!!
Special K ~Toni said…
I love it! She should be glad he had underwear on! My boys on occasion have been known to go commando... why? I have NO clue! I like my panties!
dlyn said…
First rule of waitressing [and ailine attendants, one would think] - never fill a glass or cup while the customer is holding it. Never! Still looks like you guys made out ok - travel with little kids is a challenge no matter how you do it.
Amanda said…
wow I know how it goes on the airplane with kids and I just have two. Well, I just think that people that don't have kids or even young kids anymore just don't really get it. You do what you can do!!! hope you have a great vacation and just think the torture of plane travel for 3hrs is only a small fraction of your vacation! Smile
ChristiS said…
Bless your heart hon! That sounds like a flight-mare!! Hope the rest of the trip goes more smoothly!
MMMmmmm...iced capps! I admit, once I saw the iced capp I just stopped reading. I am so glad we don't have a Timmie's here - I would be a million pounds!

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