This morning I got to go on my son Owen's end of the year adventures. They went mini-golfing and then to the park for a picnic lunch. It really was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I got to go!Do you see the concentration on my son's face? This was his first time mini-golfing.

My friend Robyn drove me around this morning because she's just nice like that.
This is Owen and a couple of his classmates... notice that he and the other boy are wearing the EXACT same shirt. That is because we all pretty much shop in the exact same stores.
This was Owen's pose after he got the ball in the hole... after only about 15 shots.
I can't believe my Owen is almost done pre-kindergarten.
Time sure is passing... my little boy isn't all that little anymore... but he sure is cute!


the Doug said…
Too big, too fast. Cool pics.
Misty said…
it looks like it was a great day! :) YAY!
Robyn said…
Good times!! I had fun cruising 'round town with you! Emergency water stops, coffee to fuel us, good times!! We'll have to do it again!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Yes, he is definitely cute. I could just squish his not so little cheeks.
Oh yay! It does look like a fun day! :)

(And thank you for always commenting!!!)

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