4 days

The last four days have been excessively crazy in my personal opinion. There have been some serious lows but for the most part the days have been filled with very cool things!

For example my super awesome son Owen wore this snazzy outfit to school ...He is definitely a fashion genius in the making.

There are beautiful spring plants everywhere and I LOVE all the green and flowers and I don't even mind the rain because it makes everything MORE green!

I do especially love lilacs because they smell divine.
Sweet Olivia finished her first swimming lessons ever. I forbade Doug to take pictures of me in the pool but since he is so darn handsome I took some of him and Olivia.
She LOVES the water. Loves it.
She loves the water so much, in fact, that she climbed into our backyard play pool fully clothed.
Aiden's friend came over for a play date and they had so much fun. This is the two of them conspiring about how they can get the sprinkler water to get the rest of us wet too.
We also had Owen's pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony. He was so very cute, he sang all the songs and stood so proud on the little stage. He even nicely shook his lovely teacher's hand when she gave him his "diploma".

This is Owen giving the BEST educational assistant in the history of humankind a thank-you for being amazing gift. Seriously she is wonderful. She was Aiden's EA last year and after two years of entrusting my boys to her I am seriously going to miss her!I would post pictures of Aiden's awards ceremony but my husband has not relinquished them to me yet. I will though. Because it was really sweet and I am very proud of him.

I had a meeting yesterday at the school to meet his next year's teachers. They seem lovely and I think they will be very compassionate to my son. I know he is rather difficult but he is still just a little boy and I want him to be treated with love.


Anonymous said…
sweet boots owen!

love aunt E
Amanda Daybyday said…
Definitely a busy couple of days! And yes, it's 2:35am. And yes, I'll be going to bed soon. And yes, I agree, Aiden should be treated with love!!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
P.S. looking forward to seeing pics of his grad.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photos.
I hope the challenges get lighter.

G. on the coast
Fantastic photos! I mean really, those last 3 shots of pure boy joy-- magazine worthy.

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