I would like to take this opportunity to talk about withdrawal.

I am in withdrawal.

From my antidepressant.

Over the past 3 weeks I have gone from 1 pill daily to 1/2 a pill daily to 1/2 pill every other day.

So basically I have a decent day every other day and on the no-pill day I am rather psychotic and emotional.

I'm really enjoying it (read heavy sarcasm).


Hi! First time visiting your blog I think. It is very beautiful! I love the colours and the background pattern - everything!

I know what you are going through with your depression...well, after scrolling through and reading some of your other posts, it seems yours is post partum. I don't know what that kind of depression is like, but I used to suffer "regular" depression about 8 years ago. I stopped taking meds because I couldn't afford them and I had some pretty bad days after the meds got out of my system. All I had to lean on was God and the prayers of some of my church friends. I did survive, though. Hang in there and lean on the Lord at this time.

I'll bookmark your blog and be back again! Feel free to stop by my blog (which I have finally updated a couple times this week since being here in Korea) - it's called Ink Scrawls (my knitting blog is called Kitten Knits Yarn if you are interested in checking that out too).
Unknown said…
Wish I had something to say. Anything. Wish more I could come and give you a hug. So that'll have to do. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
Been there....done that...it does get better! Hang in there!
Tara said…
Wondering what kind of med that you're going through withdrawal from? Just wondering if you're going too fast since a good friend of mine (who's a psychiatrist) said to wean off more slowly. I've gone from 3 little ones (totaling 150) down to 2 little ones (100mg) and that's taken me a couple of months. Going down to 1 in another month or so...

Hang it there!

Tara said…
FYI: I had a blog about PPD and am putting it up again.

Feel free to be my first comment :)

Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I'm not a doctor and I'm not living in your body so I have no idea what you're feeling. I am wondering though if you should wean yourself a bit slower. Good luck!

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