sure they LOOK sweet

This is my beloved husband Doug. He is wonderful and I adore him. But our children are trying to make us insane.

This is my son Aiden. I adore him as well but he drove me absolutely batty today. Really.
It was a day filled with massive tantrums and fits and general disobedience and obstinacies.

This is my mom.
My mom spent a good portion of the day gardening trying to avoid the obnoxious children.

Owen, the most well behaved of the three, helped her.
And Grandma even taught him how to tie a knot. Which is great since I totally haven't bothered to teach my kids that skill yet. Mostly because they aren't allowed to wear shoes with laces at school so they haven't needed to learn yet. Good thing Grandma is around.

Owen actually picked up the skill quite quickly. Now if only he could figure out how to NOT FIGHT WITH HIS BROTHER I would be a very happy woman. And this is my usually sweet baby Olivia. Who was most assuredly NOT sweet today. She spent most of the day being miserable. We went out for ice cream and she screamed and tried to throw her body around in a fit of rage for at LEAST 20 minutes. Then she screamed herself to sleep on my shoulder... briefly.

She and Aiden both tried to drive my husband and I completely insane today by using their well honed repertoire of cruel torture... constant screaming and whining.
And yesterday Olivia got her first mosquito bite of the season on her forehead and it swelled HUGE. Apparently she has allergies. I went and got her some baby benadryl stuff and honestly I kinda hoped it would make her drowsy but sadly, it did not. Nope. It kept her awake. Goody.
She looks so sweet and peaceful when she's asleep doesn't she? I am really hoping she wakes up happy tomorrow.

Because my head is killing me.


Amanda Daybyday said…
What a miserable day! Hope today goes better.
Ha! Don't you just love it when the kids are plotting against you?! lol! Happens here all the time....hope today is better for you!
Your head is killing you?! Imagine if YOU were the Princess (and the Pea) and had a ginormous bite on your forehead... :-)
Summer's coming Tara, where the screaming moves outside and isn't so hard on the head... hang in there!
Robyn said…
I'm sorry yesterday was so miserable :( At least you got away for a little bit, & I hope that helped some! Thank you SO MUCH for your help last night! It was so fun! Who can be our next victim, er, guest of honor??
Misty said…
I hate it when the kids work against us. UGH!!!!

hope your head feels better...
Elizabeth said…
poor sweet little is so miserable when you can't get to sleep! hope you have a better day today. :-)
Oh no! I hate those days, when the kids can't get along and are grumpy and miserable - and make you grumpy and miserable... I hope things have gone more smoothly today and that Olivia woke up in a much better mood! Hugs... :)
Alida said…
I hope that tomorrow is a better day!! but at least you got some great photos out of the deal!!

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