Our week

Here are some pictures from our week...

Owen was playing in our front yard and I was summoned by him yelling "MOMMY COME TAKE MY PICTURE".

So I did.

I always knew my mom was tiny... but here she is wearing the sweater my mother-in-law made for Aiden.
I definitely can NOT fit into my son's clothes. Why couldn't I have inherited the skinny tiny gene from my mom?

Hopefully Olivia has better luck than me...
but if her love for whipped cream is any indication then it doesn't seem very likely.

And yes, she is sitting on the kitchen table having a sensory experience with the whipped cream. Yum.
My sons had a lot of fun playing with Aiden's friend Shawn from school.
And because Aiden is ... um... unique here he is dressed as a ninja.
Shorts with bear paw prints on the bum. Black t-shirt. Hockey stick weapon. And his sisters pink hat.
And Owen put on his brother's space jammies and a cap for his ninja costume. Of course.
The pink hat takes a little bit of the fierceness away from it for me though for some reason.
He was hiding from me. He's skinny but not skinny enough to hide behind a Saskatchewan tree.

Olivia thought Aiden looked very funny in her hat. But really she wanted him to stop playing ninja and start playing basketball or baseball or ANYTHING with her.
Owen was, of course, using his baseball bat (thankfully covered in soft red foam) as his ninja weapon of choice. It's a strange strange world I live in.


mmichele said…
well you DID inherit your mom's million dollar smile and i think that's better.

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