I have been having dreadful nightmares for the past several months. They wake me up probably 5 or 6 times a night- usually within the first few hours after I go to bed or the couple hours before I get up in the morning. They suck. It always takes me awhile when one wakes me up to figure out that it was just a nightmare and then calm down enough to go back to sleep. I hate it.

Anyone got any advice on how to stop nightmares? Or even some insight as to what is causing them? Because I have enough things, or people rather, disrupting my sleep every night without adding these horrible nightmares.


No, but if you find a way (to stop them) will you pass it on?! Last week I woke up screaming and then sobbed for about 15 minutes while my Hubby watched helplessly (kid dying dream). The next night, I watched him die. I hate nightmares!!
I hope you sleep well tonight.
JoAnn said…
I personally feel that not sleeping deeply causes me to awaken more during my dream cycle, good or bad. But the nightmares are usually directly related to worries and fears I'm having during the day. There's a saying that time spent worrying is time well wasted. Easier said than done, buy try to release your worries somehow. Wish I had the quick "drive thru" answer for ya!
Shash said…
stress will bring them on... got any of that? ;-)

Change your pre-bed routine for a few days and see if that changes it. Don't open any emails or go online at all after dinner. Read through a Psalms instead. Put on some worship music and have a couple good lengthy conversations with your Big Daddy, just as if you were talking to a girlfriend...

Speak to your dreams before you fall asleep, declare the Word of God over your life. I have some Scriptures in mind, God says He gives His beloved sleep whose heart is stayed on Him, I'll facebook the rest to you.
Hi Tara, I feel for you. When I was pregnant I had all kinds of bad/weird dreams. Ironically now that I am not pregnant (but instead filled with grief) I have no dreams! I agree with Shash, pray and read Scripture before bed, it can't hurt anyway!
Shelley said…
I totally agree with praying before you go to sleep and asking God to protect you and even protect your dreams. Ask Him to give you good dreams and help you sleep through the night.
Amanda said…
Nightmares suck. Ethan has been having nightmares and I find that if we pray over him before he goes to bed and pray over his mind for protection and good thoughts. Prayer is always a good idea!!!
LvlyRita said…
Interestingly enough I was awake until almost 12:30 a.m. watching Night Line on this very subject. Hope the professional guy's advice can work for you. I did a variation of it when I was a teenager with nightmares and it helped me.

Basically, it's this: during the daytime replay your nightmare in your head from beginning until end, but make the ending different.

Read about it here (sorry I don't know how to link it):

Spiritually speaking:
When I moved into a house 6 years ago, I had really bad nightmares. I'd wake in the night in fear and imagine an intruder. Once I even moved our couch in front of the basement door! Long story short, I started rebuking the spirit of fear and praying the blood of Jesus as a protection around my home and property and picking up the Bible to read. The fear left and didn't come back.

I learned later that there had been a break-in with the previous residents (it was a parsonage) and I am sure that the pastor's wife was probably plagued by that fear.

Now that I live in a new place, I continue to pray the hedge of protection and rebuke fear if it ever tries to bother me.
Agree with some of the others...pray before bed...maybe read psalms or something soothing. I'd pray when one wakes you up too. If you can't go to sleep right after one, I'd get up a move around the house a bit till you feel tired enough to go back to sleep. A nighttime routine might help. Most nightmares I have are from things that have been bothering me and random things that I've watched/seen/heard during the day. A nighttime routine...meaning some time for you to relax before bed (even if only 10min) could help with slowing daily worries, etc. And keep for a little bit a journal of them....that might help you figure out why/what's happening.
Tami said…
Just wanted to say that I'm with you...waking up from bad dreams too. Next time I wake up I'll pray for you and you can pray for me. Maybe thinking of each other will help. :)
Here's to some good sleep soon!
Tami from Tree Swing Reading

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