My Mother's Day

My sons gave me lovely mother's day gifts and my husband made us a yummy dinner. We even ate off of my good China that I inherited from my Grandma.

Aiden wore his pirate shirt to church today "special for mother's day"... I'm not sure why.

Aiden's gift was this lovely hot plate/tile with his handprint.
And on the back there was a poem . I read about 2 lines and started to cry. Seriously cry.
Those teachers sure know how to do a good mother's day gift!

Owen made me this super cute fridge magnet.
And he decorated a special mother's day cake for me! He was so proud!

Aiden decorated a cake for grandma too.
And here is my sweet mommy with my Olivia. Aren't they cute?I am so very thankful for my babies.


Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day - I love the photos of the gifts and you with the kids! :)

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