My mom

With mother's day coming up and my mom moving in with us this week I have been thinking of what it was like growing up with my mommy. My mom was a single parent and I was an only child so it was just the two of us most of the time. We were incredibly close and still are. This picture is of my mom and my Olivia. My mom adores my kids and I love that she plays with them and that they adore her too. My mom is always saying that Olivia reminds her of me when I was a little girl.

My mom was a fabulous mom and is a wonderful grandmother and I am privileged to have her in my life.


Anonymous said…
I think your Mom is a wonderful Mom, too. I met her and you when you were a year old. And I was thrilled to have time with such sweetness, as my career had taken me away from all children for 10 years.

I had seen a lot of distancing and unloving guidance until I met your Mom, and I saw in her how healthy it is to deeply love and bond. When I told this to your Mom, she had no idea, I guess she was just doing her best and did not know how good that was.

So on Mother's Day and any day it is a good idea to tell the moms and dads that you learned from what a difference they have made in your life, and how they made your parenting easier.

It also helps to say out loud what we have learned from each child. And Tara, I saw your wisdom before you could talk. I hope you don't mind this story.

I was caring for you and your older friend for a morning and you saw an ashtray with butts in it.(Times have changed.)
You put one in your mouth. I was horrified and needed a moment to think,as I did not really want to grab and startle you or have a power struggle, so I asked your 4 year old friend "Why would anyone want to eat a cigarette butt?" Of course neither of us knew. But you immediately put it down. So from then on I trusted the wisdom of children to choose the right avenue, sometimes AFTER a scientific exploration.

So thanks for continuing to wisely share the realities of parenting, family life, and the delight of children. Very important work.

Love, G. on the coast, who cannot get my password working/ anon.
Tara said…
You're an only child, too? Wow, the similarities just keep growing! :)

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